West Coast Winter Season Flowers

West Coast Winter Season Flowers

West Coast Winter Season Flowers

As the winter rolls in, your mind may not immediately jump to gardening and flowers. However, there are a number of flowers that are suited for the colder winter months on the West coast. 

Let’s take a look at the flowers available in the western states to provide you with gorgeous blooms during the winter season. 

Winter Camellia

This flowering evergreen shrub is a great choice for winter gardening in the western states. Beginning in the fall, Camellia will bloom with sensational fluffy flowers in pink, red, orange, white, or yellow. Some even call it the Rose of Winter. 

Camellia is a perfect match for the hardiness zone found in the Pacific Northwest, though many in the South will also plant Camellia to enjoy during the winter months given their milder winters. 


Another great bloom for the winter in the West is Hellebore, often referred to as the Christmas rose or Lenten rose. It’s an evergreen perennial and can bloom as early as December in warmer climates, and in late winter to early spring for colder regions. 

The blooms of Hellebore look like roses, showcasing incredible dual-colored patterns and double petals in some instances. Ranging from light pink shades to yellow and vibrant purple, Hellebore blooms are certainly stunning and a favorite winter flower for any garden enthusiast. 


Pansies are a hearty plant that can endure winter seasons throughout the country, including in the West. 

When planted in the fall, they add great color and personality to planter boxes and will continue to bloom throughout the winter in areas where the weather doesn’t get too cool. Consequently, they generally will stop flowering after a hard frost. 

However, many pansies will bloom again in the spring, which you can further promote by removing dead heads. 


Lastly, the Clematis is a wonderful winter plant for those on the West Coast of the country to enjoy. Known for their climbing tendencies to go up buildings, trellises, and fences, they are a great choice when you want to brighten up your exterior in the wintertime. 

Featuring stunning bell-shaped blooms, Clematis can either be an evergreen or semi-evergreen plant, which means they give you great blooms all year long. 

The colors of Clematis blooms can vary greatly depending on the variety, ranging from magenta to blue to cream-colored petals.

Aside from these wonderful winter flowering plants, there are a number of others that are a great choice in the West like Winter Daphne or Heather, to name a few. Each plant is unique and has its own watering rules and shade preferences, so make sure to do your research on your selected plan to make sure it thrives in your yard all winter long. 

Written by Bailey Schramm in partnership with outdoor fabric retailer, Seattle Fabrics.