How can I register to buy from OCWF?

We are primarily committed to flower shops, floral designers, event professionals and those clients involved in the fresh flowers industry. We ask that those clients register the business by submitting a completed registration form along with a copy of the active State Board of Equalization Sellers Permit or Business License for verification. Upon registration, we can set you up with a personal sales rep that can directly quote them at industry prices and work with them closely to help their business grow and connect them with their desired floral for their special events.

Do you sell to the public?

If you do not have an active license within the industry you are still welcome to purchase with OCWF, it is mandated to pay the sales taxes upfront.  If you have further questions please send us an email or call us directly, we’re here to help.

What forms of payment do you accept?

In store, we accept all major credit cards, cash, check (with ID verification). All credit card charges are subject to ID check for verification.

Do you offer Credit Applications for within industry customers?

Yes. If you are an established florist or company that has been doing COD business with us for 3 months, we’ll offer you a 30 day charge account. The completion of a Credit Application is required for all 30 Day Account requests. After processing and approval, notification of acceptance will be sent and your business will be placed on our monthly billing cycle. Please review our Terms & Conditions for more detailed information.

What is your credit/return/exchange policy?

Customer Claims

Because of our self-imposed strict standards, we take the issue of credits very seriously. We realize that we distribute live items and there may be times when O.C. Wholesale is unaware of a problem until after the product has left the warehouse. If our product does not meet your expectations, please contact us within 24 hrs. of purchasing items. If you call after hours please leave us a message in our voicemail system at 714 542-6181 or email your claim to [email protected] along with supporting picture evidence.

Because of our self-imposed strict standards, we take the issue of credits very seriously. We realize that we distribute live items and there may be times when O.C. Wholesale is unaware of a problem until after the product has left the warehouse. A replacement or credit will be issued for any legitimate claims due to quality issues. O.C. Wholesale may ask for your assistance with pictures, invoice/ receipt copies, and possibly the return of the products in order to identify possible problems and give quality feedback to our growers for improvement.

Orange County Wholesale Flowers will not be responsible for products mishandled or processed improperly by customers. It is the customer’s responsibility to know how to properly care for the products they are ordering. Once the flowers have left our warehouse, we have relinquished control of handling; any distress to the flowers related to transportation conditions cannot be our responsibility. Please, always check your flowers before leaving our premises.

Do you deliver in my area?

**please see delivery methods section?**

When & where do you get your product?

We directly import our Grade AA product form over 200 growers internationally 7 days a week. Locally grown CA product is directly brought in from our four trucking companies that bring our product fresh directly to us. Due to our company size and industry demand, do not source any of our product from other wholesalers or distributors. With our large access of growers we can directly bring your product fresh daily.

How can I tell the price of the flowers in your warehouse?

Due to our fast inventory turnover, it’s almost impossible to keep our flowers individually priced. You are welcome to ask any of our customer service representatives for prices/ event estimates at any time.

Our prices are very competitive with any other wholesale flower market. In addition we offer special pricing for flower shops, volume purchasers, and customers with standing weekly orders.

Please keep on mind that our prices vary depending on availability, weather conditions and market demands. Our prices are very competitive to other wholesalers, with the exception that we only buy first grade products. We give you quality even if you don’t ask for it, we believe in quality standards and genuinely care about our long term relationship with our clients.

How should I take care of the flowers to make them last longer?

Always cut stems at a sharp angle. This increases the surface area of the stem and allows water to be better absorbed through the stem. After the end of the stem is cut, place it directly into the water. It only takes a minute for the stem to begin to dry and seal up. Use warm water only if you are trying to open tight blooms. Please ask your representative for any other care instructions upon checkout or order pick up.

What is the best way to transport my order?

If you have buckets, bring them with you, flowers always travel better on water. If you do not have buckets we can provide boxes to carry out your order.

Pre-Order Questions

How long in advance do I need to place a special order?

If you are working with domestic “California” product all we need is 5 to 7 working days’ notice. If your order includes imported product from New Zealand, Thailand or South America, we ask to give us 10 working days.  If you are ordering around holidays please be mindful as shipment dates change and affect or product delivery dates.

What about last minute orders?

We have a large inventory with a very short turnaround time. We also receive product Monday through Saturday, with morning and evening shipments, so chances are we will have in stock what you are looking for. In the case that we don’t have it but it is seasonally available, we’ll make arrangements to fill your order on time. In the case we do not have what you are looking for specifically on of our reps will pull you options close to your originally desired product that should match in color, texture, etc.

(If foreign product and it needs to be flown, an extra charge may apply to cover freight expenses)

Our daily hours for order pick up are:

Mon-Fri 7AM to 2PM

Sat 7AM to 1PM

What should I do if I need the ordered flowers to be open?

Upon pre-ordering have your sales rep make note on the order that you need the blooms open at the time you’re placing the order. We’ll have them ready for you!

Can I cancel my order?

All cancelled orders will be assessed a 5 % restocking fee of the amount of the order, or a non-refundable on the deposit whichever is greater. There are no exceptions to Orange County Wholesale Flowers’ Cancellation Policy

Do I need to pay a Deposit to place an order?

If your order exceeds over $250 you may be asked to put down a 25% nonrefundable deposit. If you are a client that orders on the route deliveries, these regulations do not apply.

Furthermore, if your order requires us to bring a specialty item you may be asked to pay in advanced, or leave 50% nonrefundable security deposit to cover the risk of cancellations on specialty items.

Catering to all your floral needs.