Tips for Storing Bouquets

Tips for Storing Bouquets

When buying a bouquet of flowers for yourself or receiving them from a loved one, getting the perfect arrangement is only part of it. You also need to store them in a way that they last long enough to enjoy them!

Continue reading below as we go over some of the top tips from experts on how to store bouquets of flowers to keep them fresher, longer. 

Use a Clean Vase

With a fresh bouquet of flowers, the first thing you should do when storing them is to start with a clean vase. 

Any remaining bacteria or fungi from the last bouquet you stored can wreak havoc on your new flower arrangement, which is why this step is so important. So whether you have a brand new vase or one that’s been a go-to for years, give it a fresh rinse and move on to the next step. 

Freshly Cut the Stems

With a clean vase, you can begin to prepare the stems themselves. Take a sharp, clean blade, knife or shears, and cut each stem at a 45 degree angle. Doing this helps your flowers take in more water, which can help keep them hydrated and look perky for the days to come. 

Freshen the Water

The water you add to the vase and how frequently you change it is also a crucial part of properly storing flower bouquets. So once you have the fresh-cut stems in a clean vase, you can add in fresh water.

One common mistake people may make when storing bouquets is to leave the same water in the vase the whole time, which can harm the flowers. So, exchange the water and clean the vase every day or so for the best results. 

Feed the Flowers

Additionally, you’ll want to feed your bouquet the proper nutrients for longevity. Flower food often comes with bouquets is a unique mix that includes citric acid, sugar, and bleach. 

Each of these works separately to keep the flowers healthy and looking amazing—so don’t be tempted to toss the packet in the trash! Add in a little each time you change the water since you’ll be changing it frequently. 

Keep out of Direct Heat and Sunlight

Lastly, to keep your bouquet looking stunning and perky for as long as possible, keep it out of direct sunlight or heat sources. This can cause the petals and stems to wilt, which nobody wants. 

It’s true that many flowering plants love the sunlight, but once the stems are cut, this is no longer the case. So, keeping your bouquet in a shaded area will work best. 

With the above tips, you can extend the life of your bouquet and enjoy the beauty of your flower arrangement for the days to come. 

Bailey Schramm is a writer in partnership with Werever outdoor kitchen cabinetry.